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Prototyping and analysis are usually closely intertwined. Often it is not the first prototype that is ready for production, but it is a good template to start with the precision work.


The first step is the production of the chemical formulation on a laboratory scale, i.e. a few milliliters, whose components are weighed on precision scales and then mixed. Depending on the raw material, the components are also processed at precisely defined temperatures.


Prototyping is rather pragmatic and so it can be that several variations are mixed by one formulation. If three components in three different concentrations are to be mixed in one formulation, a total of 27 mixtures must be produced.


The most promising formulations are then filled into the packaging and tested. In an aerosol, it can be the spraying behaviour, in bottles, tubes and jars the material migration, in cloths the wiping behaviour. 


The results are analysed and evaluated. If the result is unsatisfactory, the framework conditions are adjusted until it is satisfactory. Only then do our customers receive a sample with which they can then carry out tests from the customer's point of view. The documentation becomes relevant after the order has been placed or as a service for the customer's existing products.

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