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private labels

We are specialists in the manufacture of private label products and cover the entire range from development to design to production. No matter whether it is aerosols, bottles, jars, tubes or moist cloths. In addition to cleaners, care products and lubricants, we also fill many other products. Details … 



Off the shelf is sometimes simply

not good enough. That's why we like

to make it just as 

you need it.

Proven recipes, new innovations and individual marketing - this is exactly what we understand by truly mature product development.


We already have many formulations that can be individually adapted. The development time is drastically shortened because the functionality is guaranteed in principle. Further properties that meet the requirements can be easily added in a timely manner. Every variation is conceivable, from differentiated colouring to very complex additions that give the chemical product completely new properties.


If a completely new product is required that cannot be further developed on the basis of the extensive collection of formulas, you have over 30 years of expertise and experience at your disposal. With us, you can launch completely new products on the market that have enormous competitive advantages.


The fact that a product is developed completely detached from packaging and concept is extremely rare with us. Especially the combination of product, container, closure and packaging results in a unique and therefore competitive package, with which chemical agents can be used brand relevant and cost neutral.



It's not enough

to be beautiful.

No matter what the product: quality and function determine

a perfect design.


Whichever way you want to go, we'll be happy to go with you. 30 years of agency experience have been part of our portfolio since 2010.


You will receive professional design support from our in-house agency. With us you will find the entire spectrum - from the idea to a mature design of packaging, outer packaging and, if desired, appropriate advertising media. All this, of course, according to your CI specifications.


No matter whether you are just starting out or would like to develop a brand that is independent of your core product - we are your experienced and competent partner. Your advantage: professional communication design, which we can offer you at a far lower price than any classic advertising agency.


Rarely is anything simple, as many suppliers are usually involved. Comprehensive know-how ensures that the production process does not is getting out of hand.

We're all coming together. Because professional production management guarantees that deadlines are met and unnecessary costs avoided.


At the beginning there is the selection of the means of production as an important mosaic stone for the successful realisation. Our Europe-wide network makes it possible for your project to be implemented exactly with the machines whose portfolio also exactly fits the product.  


During production, we take over the entire communication between all parties involved and the monitoring of the processes so that optimum results are achieved.


We work practice-oriented and make sure that any problems that arise do not end up on your desk in the first place. What if they do? Are we there for you as a constant point of contact with an overview of the big picture and present alternative solutions so that you can make the relevant decisions.

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