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We fill aerosols into aluminium or tinplate cans, as standard or shaped according to customer requirements. The propellants are CO2, nitrogen, compressed air, propane/butane, DME or 1234ze. The choice of can and cap shape is responsible for the optics, the valves, spray heads and the correct ratio of product and propellant gas ensure optimum spraying behaviour.


Aerosol cans are available in numerous variants. The selection of diameter and height depends mainly on the desired filling quantity, but also on other criteria such as design adaptation to other containers in a product line or technical reasons, e.g. propellant gas used or bulk containing water or solvents.


Aluminium aerosol cans (standard):

Diameter: 22,25, 31,5, 35, 45, 50,53,57, 59, 64, 66, 74,80 mm 

Filling quantity: 12 - 700 ml


Tinplate cans (standard):


Diameter: 52, 65, 73 mm 

Filling quantity: 100 - 750 ml

Necked in:

Diameter: 45, 52, 57, 65 mm

Filling quantity: 75 - 750 ml


All cans can be decorated with gravure printing, screen printing or with paper or PE labels.

Steel Care, Textile Care.jpg

Valves are the components on the aerosol can that release the product from the can in the form of a spray under pressure. Most of the valves spray continuously (as long as the valve is pressed), but there are also valves that allow accurate metering of the spray jet. Depending on the product, valves must not only have the correct sealing materials, but must also be designed with different inlet and outlet rates. 


We use valves in the Male- or Female-version, as continuous or dosable valves. We also fill with overhead valves, powder valves, threaded valves or Bag on Valve (BoV) valves.

Spray heads determine the spray pattern. They are available as standard variants, as valve heads filling the valve or as heads extending beyond the valve heads. We differentiate between spray heads for a selective fan or cone spray pattern for liquids and foam as well as cream spray heads. Spray heads also control the degree of atomization. In addition, there are countless special spray heads, depending on the application, e.g. for: 


  • overhead applications

  • continuous spraying of the can until it is completely emptied

  • cosmetic applications

  • Inserting fixed or flexible extension tubes

  • for automatic dispensers

  • with brush or hose application


More and more spray heads are coming onto the market, which at the same time also assume the protective and design function of caps.

Ventil Aerosoldose.jpg

Caps have both a protective function against unintentional opening of the aerosol valve and a design function and can also be used to attach extensions, second spray heads or other accessories.


With our available colours and the usual sizes for all aerosol cans, we already cover a large part of the design requirements. In principle, however, any shape can be supplied in any Pantone colour.

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