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For over 40 years we have been the specialists for the development, the design and the production of your private label products. As a niche supplier we move far away from mass markets. This makes us a reliable partner for companies that have established a personal relationship with their customers and want to deepen it. 


We analyze your business processes as far as the use of chemical auxiliaries is concerned. With this orientation we think of the customers of our customers, not more, but also not less. This focus on your processes creates completely new ideas and approaches. From this, we then develop products that directly result in differentiation and sales growth.


We are product developers if the right product for you does not yet exist or if adaptations are to be made to your needs from our wide range of standard formulations. For many individual customer requirements a quick start with already tested, reliable products is possible.


We are packaging designers. Online or offline, the right packaging attracts the attention of your customers. It signals in which league you are playing: in the price-sensitive segment, in the luxury class or in a technology-loving world. No matter how they are designed, we design the packaging according to your wishes and not according to what the stock of containers is currently offering.


We are production managers for aerosols, bottles, tubes, crucibles or moist cloths. Due to our flexibility for both small and very large batch sizes, we keep your order quantities and storage costs at the lowest possible level. From mixing and filling to packaging and order picking, we have long been optimally prepared to meet your needs. In short: genuine full service.


Take advantage of our diverse experience for your profit, contact us for your private label project, we will find the perfect solution for you. back


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