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We fill bottles in the most diverse variants - standard or formed according to customer wishes. The right appearance is achieved through the selection of bottles and closures, the appropriate application behaviour through spray pumps, dispensers or drippers as well as other functional closures.


Bottles are available in countless designs. Whether aluminium, glass or plastic - the choice of bottle material, especially for plastic bottles (HDPE, LDPE, PET, PET-G, PVC etc.), depends primarily on the contents. Some materials lead to deformation through diffusion or decompose the bottle plastics. If there are no restrictions due to the product, a wide range of materials and standard shapes can be selected depending on the application, additional function or design idea. 


The abundance of available shapes, fill sizes, materials and finishing options is so great that the design of one's own shapes only makes sense in exceptional cases. All bottles can be decorated with pad printing, screen printing or PE labels.

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Bottles are closed in two ways: Lids (without function), but with functional inserts if necessary, and closures with function. Both types are initially used for transport and leakage protection. It is not advisable to have your own form, perhaps even with different inserts, as the production of the corresponding tool is extremely expensive and complicated and only pays off with very high print runs.

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Many different materials are available here. If necessary, plastic threads are inserted into caps made of metal, wood, ceramics or glass. 




Various inserts can be pushed into the bottle thread. These control the application behavior of the product, either by dispensing the product drop by drop or, for example, by means of a spout in places that are difficult to access.


Functional closures


Functional closures basically have two functions: on the one hand, the closure of the bottle and, on the other hand, the optimal application of the product. Examples:


Atomizers or spray pumps, also as overhead or foam sprayers

  • dosing dispenser

  • flip-top closures

  • Droppers (e.g. on eye drops)

  • foam systems

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