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contract filling

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We manage the entire process of contract filling of chemical products for you. The production includes the mixing of raw materials according to your own or your recipes as well as the filling, labelling and packaging of aerosols (spray cans), bottles, tubes, jars and moist cloths (flowpacks).















Filling goods for contract filling are everything except food or pharmaceutical products, e.g. technical-chemical products, household chemicals, cosmetics or medical products. The filling quantities in our contract manufacturing range from a few microlitres (µl) to one litre, in exceptional cases also canisters or IBCs.


Especially if you are completely dedicated to sales, marketing and brand development, our services product development and packaging design are also interesting for you. We implement your product ideas with a high level of technical expertise.


The cooperation with us as contract fillers is basically regulated in a common non-disclosure agreement. In this way, all details can be discussed and optimised within a protected framework.

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