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private labels

Private label products are produced exclusively for the customer under their own brand name. Often the packaging is distinguishable from similar products, but in any case it is designed with its own label. The customer acts as manufacturer or distributor. This applies in general as well as to chemical or cosmetic products.


The PACA is a true private label specialist for the production of chemical private label products. We provide the entire range of services for private label products: from product development for chemical products and cosmetics to competent packaging design and the production, packaging and commissioning of your own products. Of course, this also includes the entire one-off and ongoing documentation, registration and/or certification required for your projects by law or for other reasons.


And this for the most varied types of packaging: aerosols (spray cans in aluminium or tinplate), bottles (plastic, aluminium or glass), tubes (aluminium and plastic), jars and moist cloths (flowpacks, rolls for dispensers).


Depending on the type of packaging and product, small quantities (a few hundred units) can be produced or even large productions (complete truck loads) can be handled without any problems.

The PACA as a private label manufacturer has specialized in some target groups:


Companies that do not have an internal department for the development, design, compliance and/or production of their own chemical products because their core business is different.


Strong sales organizations that need a reliable partner that delivers ready-made products.


Startups that want to implement cool new ideas, but don't want to invest in production capacity.


Chemical private label production is of course very diverse. However, we concentrate on a few core areas, which are constantly expanded with each project. The core areas include the cleaning, care and protection of surfaces of various types and lubricants (from formulations with natural paraffins to synthetic raw materials).


These core fields are varied in a wide variety of areas: from products in the technical field (e.g. automotive, assembly, crafts etc.) to products for the end user (home, kitchen, bathroom, DIY, pets) to medical products and cosmetics. We are the right contact, except for food or pharmaceutical products. 


There are good reasons to include private label products in your program:


Greater profit margin: when buying branded goods, the brand value is always priced in. This is not the case with a private label and the more the private label becomes a branded article, the higher the profit margins become.


Better influence on product availability: in contrast to branded products, private label products have all the adjustment screws in their hands. You become independent of the distribution rules of the brand manufacturers, you get exactly the goods you want.


Differentiation potential: with own products the competence of the own brand can be strengthened and differentiated.


Different ways can be chosen for the differentiation:


Re-label existing products, i.e. distribute the same packaging and the same formulation under a different label. This is the first choice if there are possibilities for alternative marketing, e.g. in other markets, online or for other applications. Predestined for this kind of differentiation is our PACA product line or our many existing formulations.


Another possibility is to improve existing products. This can be reflected in a modified packaging (different packaging type or size) or in the optimization of formulations (color, odor, active ingredients, viscosity, rheology, etc.).


The third possibility is to occupy a niche. This can already be achieved with existing or improved products. Most promising, however, is the development of a private label product that is precisely tailored to the niche in question and which then also exactly meets the customer's needs. Zurück

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