FAQ MSDS Service


Who is writing the MSDS?


Our experienced team of experts, writing SDS for many years, also will take care of your material data sheets. Our Chemist, well trained and experienced staff and even graphic designers will realize your SDS and labels in your CI.

What do we need for making your SDS? back

We need either an existing SDS or the recipe of your product. We also accept old SDS of your Product. But in any case, we need the CAS numbers of the hazardous ingredients.

What’s the delivery time of a material safety data sheet? back


As a rule of thumbs you will receive your material safety data sheet at latest 72 hours after placing the order. But this is also based on the information, we will receive from your end. If you can’t deliver the information we need, we offer a service for research. This can cause some delay in writing the SDS within the given deadline.

What is included in the SDS-Service? back

The SDS Service is a full-service package for your EU material safety data sheet. It comprises writing, changing and updating of your EU material safety data sheet and all additional informations for labelling during the contract period of 24 months. All at a fixed price in any EU language.

Can I have my labels completely layouted? back

We also layout your label either in our standard layout or also a complete product line. We also offer design of inner, intermediate or outer packaging. Ask for a quote!

How do I calculate a SDS Bundle? back

The SDS bundle is dependent on the quantity of your material safety data sheets (quantity of products and languages) One product is defined by quantity and composition of ingredients, intended use, type of packaging. If this is all the same and only names are different we offer the multi-brand option.


Here are some samples: 

  • The same product as a spray bottle, a 25ltr. jerry can and an aerosol can will work out as two safety data sheets. 

  • The same product as an aerosol with 10 different product names will work out as one safety data sheet (multi-brand option). 

  • The same product as spray bottle in 5 different languages will work out as 5 material safety data sheets. 

How much does it cost to create a safety data sheet? back

We offer two variants for creating material safety data sheets: a one-off creation or our SDS service.

The costs of one-off creation will be billed only once, the SDS service costs only a few Euros per MSDS and month and will be invoiced as a package. The contract period is 24 months. Thereafter the package does not extend automatically, but we will talk to you about an extension. The more SDS the more discount you get. For more information ask for our price list.

What is the definition of a SDS Package? back

The smallest package contains 10 safety data sheets. It doesn’t matter whether the product is in 10 different languages, 5 different products in 2 languages or 10 different data sheets in one language. By the way: if you have the same product but with different product names, you can use our multi-brand option and it is only considered as one data sheet. 

SDB packages comes in bundles of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100, 500 and 1000. A combination of several packages is possible (e.g. you need 65 data sheets, then a 50 and a 20 package can be completed).

What is the multi brand option? back


Often the same product is sold under different (brand) names. However, each product needs its own safety data sheet. For this there is our multi-brand option, which allows up to 50 different names for one and the same product. Theoretically, 500 safety data sheets are possible in a package of 10.

Payment terms back

The invoice for the SDB Service is due annually in advance. It can also be paid two years in advance. Then you get 5% discount. Payment can be made by direct debit or invoice.

Data Protection back

All data is stored in Germany and is subject to German data protection laws. Through redundant data backup, your data is safe. In addition, we are happy to conclude a non-disclosure agreement. You can either use our template or your own agreements.

Can I get a sample SDB? back

Nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke. We would be pleased to send you safety data sheets as a work sample to evaluate the quality of our work and to give you an idea of how we work.

Is there also an MSDS service for non-EU safety data sheets? back

We also offer a service for non-EU material safety data sheets. Talk to us if you need a data sheet for European non-EU countries or for US, Canadian, Asian or African markets.

My datasheet is probably overclassified. Can I have a review? back


Less is always possible, provided you are willing to change the formulation. This can range from very simple dilution to below the labeling limit (e.g. for water-soluble products) to replacement or changes of individual raw materials. We are happy to give advise.

Can we put your logo on your material safety data sheet? back

Basically logo, company colour and font can be adapted to the conditions of your CI. The adaptation of your logo is free of charge, the adaptation of font and/or font size and colours can be done for you for a one-time handling fee.

Emergency number 24/7 back

We can register your emergency number for 24/7 access. Please ask for quote.

My competitor has the same product but a different classification. back

This can happen occasionally and is due to several influencing factors. In principle, hazardous substances legislation allows certain degrees of freedom and scope for interpretation. In individual cases, it is worth taking a closer look to determine whether the product really is identical and, if so, to exploit this scope. Contact us if you would like us to analyse your safety data sheets in more detail with regard to these aspects.

We receive safety data sheets from our suppliers. 

Can they be forwarded to you for creating our own SDS? back

That's no problem at all. Tell us who are your suppliers and we will get in touch with them. The information for the MSDS then goes directly into your safety data sheets.