We are experts
at using chemical consumables in a way that balances expenditures and profits. Instead of just using us as suppliers, why not also take advantage of our many years
of expertise, to totally nip expenditures for these products
in the bud? Speak to us and learn how we stand out from
the competition. Discover a long-term, free of charge means of advertising, and witness your business make astounding savings.

We are analysts
of your business model, if it involves the use of chemical products. In this way, we also bear our customers’ customers in mind. With this as a focus, we consider your internal and external operations, allowing us to develop entirely new ideas and approaches. From this, we create
a programme for you, which can directly cut costs and
make a difference.

Use our 30 years of experience
to your advantage, particularly in the automotive market,
but also in every business sector that uses and/or retails chemical products.

We are manufacturers
of cleaning products, maintenance products and lubricants. Since we also specialise in small batch orders, we keep your order size and storage costs to a minimum.

From unique mixtures to the tailored packaging, we adapt
to fulfil the various needs of our clients. Our customisation process is very quick and we are able to respond to special requests with a great deal of flexibility.

We are product developers
if the product you need doesn’t exist yet or our standard range of formulations needs to be adapted to match your specific requirements. Many clients’ individual requests are fulfilled easily thanks to our pre-tested, reliable products.

We are niche suppliers,
operating far beyond the mass market. This makes us
a reliable business partner that wants to build and maintain
a personal relationship with its clients.