For us, service is not just empty words;
it’s the philosophy our company lives by.

The small, subtle difference!

Manufacturing chemical products that are environ-
mentally-safe and still highly efficient is just the tip of the
iceberg of the services provided by us.

The support we give you means our products are worth-
while in terms of sustainability and not just an avoidable
cost for your business. We see this as a win, for everyone


Because we are passionate about service, 
we train our clients’ employees. Our 
concepts are so much more than the 
standard delivery of goods, because they 
are combined with a fast turnover and 
a profitable resale by our clients.

Competent members of staff, a grasp of
altered or completely new processes,
awareness of all possible uses and the
best use of sales approaches, all play
important roles.

Instruction and our “Training on the Job”
help implement changes to the established
processes, with which our clients’ emplo-
yees quickly learn new ways to operate
and can bring new service and sales
processes to fruition.

Individual Marketing

We adapt our advertising material to fit
your market presence. Quickly and
conveniently. For this purpose we also
offer to improve or regenerate your
logos and lettering, as well as drafting
the final artwork.

This data is then at your business’
disposal to reuse for all other advertising
initiatives. You’ll also be given profes-
sional support for advertising campaigns

that you would like to start, with - but 
also besides - our products in our 
art studio. We provide everything for 
this, from the idea to a well-engineered 
design of the advertising material. You 
gain a profes-sional advert, which we 
offer you for a much more favourable 
price than any advertising agency. 


The most important thing for us is
customer satisfaction. This means your
satisfaction, just as much as your
customers’ enthusiasm for our products.
We therefore take care to ensure that
this remains a focus.


This requires appropriate care, and indeed,
adherence to your requirements. Because
of this, we are very flexible and keep your
needs in mind. To this end, we have a
qualified field sales force, as well as a tele-
phone hotline.


We conduct surveys in the following fields:
customer satisfaction in matters of product
applicability and product effectiveness,
end customer satisfaction, colleague satis-
faction with our ideas. The business

management egularly receive a summary
of the results.