Time is always money!


Optimising service, reducing expenditure; a contradiction?
No, absolutely not. It’s actually our recipe for success, for you.


Three bonuses!

  1. You compose your own
    unique products.

  2. All products are available
    with Private Label

  3. Your end customers are
    more satisfied

As an office supplies retailer or manufacturer, you can find exactly what you need with us. Our consumable products ensure your appliances the best possible upkeep, cleaning and maintenance.

Our special range is as standard, consisting of paper ejection
rollers- and casings-cleaner, antistatic glass cleaner and aerosols.
For specific requests we’ll also collaborate with you to create new products. This includes individual packaging, tailored to the services with which you provide your customers, or which you would like to offer in the future.

Everything proudly displaying your name – your service, your product, because we value universal quality. This means that our marketing for high-quality goods matches our strategies, as your additional profits will more than balance-out your expenditures.
Ask us!