Leave a good impression!

Whatever you offer your
customers, your shining reputation
will live on after the job is done.


Double the value!

  1. Offer your customers additional services alongside high-quality products for care and value-preservation.

  2. The sheer presence
    of your own products after
    assembly and construction
    is an on-site advert.

Be it windows, doors, conservatories, kitchens, bathrooms or other areas in and around the house, everything must always be cared for, cleaned or maintained. 

Offer your customers an Extra Service besides delivery/assembly.
Portray yourself, not simply as assembly or installation experts,
but also as reliable partners for maintaining and preserving the value
of their property. In this way they stay in contact with you long after
the task has been completed. 

Draw on your customers’ positive experience, when they discover
the resounding and lasting problem-solving efficiency of your cleaning
and maintenance products. Also take advantage of the free advertise-
ment that they, and those around them, will see on your products.