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Safety data sheet (pdf)

Product description

Paca-Cleaner is a powerful professional cleaner with a multitude of possible uses. It cleans quickly and thoroughly, abolishing surface dirt, fingerprints, grease, dust and dirty deposits. It brightens colours and provides lasting care.

  • Non-flammable
  • Anti-static
  • Bio-degradable
  • Propellant-free

Fields of application

Plastic surfaces and coatings, kitchen and household appliances, laminated floors, kitchen furniture, synthetic fibres, carpets, upholstery.


Spray Paca-Cleaner directly onto the surface and wipe away the dirt with a damp cloth. If necessary, repeat this step. Spray grainy and very dirty surfaces liberally, possibly using soft brushes to treat them. When cleaning keyboards and electrical interfaces, do not spray directly on but use a cloth instead.

Batch quantity/Packaging units

Batch quantity: 300ml plastic bottles with spray nozzles
Packaging units: 24 bottles per box