17 products in one can!

Super Lube – the professional engineer’s Holy Grail.
Loosens, lubricates, protects and maintains.

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Product description

  • Heavy-duty, long-lasting lubricant
  • Universally applicable 
  • Largely biodegradable
  • Silicone-free
  • CO2 propellant
  • Water-displacing
  • Provides a protective coating
  • Saltwater-resistant

Super Lube is suitable for many materials and material compounds, such as iron, wood, non-ferrous metals, synthetics, leather, etc. 
Get your car ready in time for winter: Super Lube prevents car locks
and doors from freezing.

Super Lube – 17 products in one can:
Aluminium cleaner and care product, greaser and lubricant for antennae, interior room spray, adhesive lubricant, high pressure lubricant, fan belt spray, contact and electro protection agent, assembly compound, MOS-2 lubricating and dissolving spray, rust and dirt remover, acid-resistant lubricant and terminal grease, locks and cylinder locks lubricant and line grease lubricant with PTFE, silicone spray, white greases and compounds, chain spray,
Bowden cable spray.

Fields of application

The automotive industry, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, sport, hobbies, home and garden, office.


Always shake Super Lube well before use!
Not suitable for temperatures over 250ºC

Loosening and lubricating
Super Lube is a heavy-duty, long-lasting lubricant. Just spray
it on. Use the small plastic tube for hard-to-reach places. Halt
rotating parts, leaving the lubricant to stabilise and the air to
evaporate. In temperatures from -60ºC to over 250ºC, the lubri-
cant will take effect after about 20 minutes. In below-freezing
temperatures, the diluent will take significantly longer to evapo-
rate, so avoid spraying outdoors if possible.

Protecting and Caring
Super Lube has water-displacing and impregnating properties.
Always use a clean cloth for protection and care tasks: spray
Super Lube copiously over the cloth, without using the small tube,
and then distribute lightly over the plastic or metal surface. Re-
polish after 10 minutes. Super Lube is suitable for buffing up
bleached plastic parts, giving them a long-lasting, satiny sheen.

Batch quantity/Packaging units

Batch quantity: 75ml, 150ml and 200ml aerosol cans.
Packaging units: 24 aerosol cans per box.