Everlasting endurance!

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Product description

PL 200 is a long-term lubricant specifically developed for the industry.
It contains premium, lasting, active ingredients and is suitable for
use in temperatures from around -60ºC to 250ºC. PL 200 obstructs
corrosion, oxidation, freezing, galling and wear. It is water-, salt water-
and solvent vapour-resistant. It is adherent, wear-resistant and

  • Water-repellent
  • Protective against corrosion 
  • Non-toxic 
  • Loosens dirt 
  • Loosens rust 
  • Chemical-resistant 
  • Does not resinify 
  • Separates 
  • Withstands high pressure 
  • High penetrating properties 
  • CFC- and silicone-free

Fields of application

PL 200 is suitable for all common materials, e.g. metal, wood, rubber and almost all synthetics. It’s also suitable for almost all synthetic combinations in gear boxes, bearings, chains, screw connections, switches, channels, locks, etc. PL 200 can be used freely in the food sector.


Always shake well before use! Check plastic parts beforehand for compatibility, then just spray on, using the small plastic tube for hard-to-reach places. Leave rotating parts to dry for around 20 minutes to allow the diluter liquid to dry.

Batch quantity/Packaging units

Batch quantity: 75ml and 200ml spray cans
Packaging units: 24 cans per box