The top de-greaser for components!

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User manual (pdf)
Safety data sheet (pdf)

Product description

The Paca Component Cleaner is a professional, fast cleaner. Versatile and effective, it is universally usable and largely biodegradable.

It removes oil and grease, hardened residues and brake fluid.
It degreases glued surfaces and sealing surfaces, cleans com-
ponents efficiently and safely, dries quickly and leaves no residue.  

CO2 propellant

Fields of application

The automotive industry, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, tools, sport, hobbies, home and garden, office  


Check the rubber and plastic parts for compatibility beforehand,
as Paca Component Cleaner may cause lacquers to corrode.
Spray Paca Component Cleaner at close range onto the part
which needs cleaning, repeating this step if there is excessive
contamination. Allow the solution to dry, then wipe over with
a clean cloth.  

Always shake Component Cleaner well before use!  

Batch quantity/Packaging units

Batch quantity: 150ml and 500ml spray cans
Packaging units: 24 150ml cans or 12 500ml cans per box