Of course not! This is our standard series,
to which we add new products,
created according to your requirements.


Less is more – that has been Paca‘s motto for over 30 years, since the company was founded with just one product: Super Lube.


Nowadays we don’t just manufacture lubricants, but also special cleaning and maintenance products. These preferably bear our clients’ own label and are created by our internal Creative Team, either freshly, or to match your sample.  Obviously, our products are not free, but with our clever concepts we can balance expenditures and revenue and in most cases you will even receive additional profit.


Our own range of products is still very straightforward. On one hand, it relies on the very high standards that we enforce for new products: speedy turnover, wide margins for our clients and the potential to reduce expenditure. On the other hand, we need to provide competent and reliable service to extend our client base as much as possible.  This is why we have a sales force and a telephone hotline.


If you have a very specific request, we’d love to develop something different with you.
Or are you looking for a new concept? We’ll help you with that too, of course; niche markets
are our specialty. Ask us!