There’s no such word as “can’t”

Sometimes, off the shelf is just not good enough,
so we gladly adapt our products to suit your specific needs.

The perfect mix!

We understand that tried-and-tested formulas, innovative reforms and independent marketing are all part of a really mature product development.

Many of our formulations are already available and can be indivi-
dually altered. This means that the time it takes to develop them is
greatly reduced, since they have already been proven to work. In
addition, the unique elements of the request can be incorporated
easily within a narrow time frame. From different colour schemes
to very complex additions which completely alter the product’s
features, any variation is conceivable.


We have over 30 years of competent experience on which we can draw if a completely new product – one which cannot be developed from our extensive collection of formulations - is requested. In this way, we can work together to bring totally new products to market, which boast enormous competitive edges.


It is very rare for us to develop a product which is purely bulk. Virtually all our products are linked to the initial idea and packaging. This specific combination produces a unique and therefore compe-
titively viable package, which use the chemical resources in a way
that balances expenditures and profits.